AnkuLua: Game automation – SikuliX-like scripting on Android

A taiwanese lover of the SikuliX API created a visual automation tool on Android, that was inspired by the SikuliX features. The app runs directly on the device and the scripting itself has to be done with the scripting language Lua.

The app name AnkuLua is based on: Android Sikuli Lua.

The entry on Google Play says:

Let AnkuLua run application (like playing game) for you.

✓no root required
✓one script for all devices
✓use simple Lua script language
✓straightforward usage
✓fast image matching
✓auto click/tap

with AnkuLua, users can do followings, but not limited to
✓click on pictures (with offset)
✓wait for pictures to appear in specified time
✓wait for pictures to vanish in specified time
✓type texts
✓sent key event (like home, back)
✓drag and drop from one picture to another one
✓set similarity to compared pictures
✓search only some regions of the screen

According to the developer: the implementation is mainly written in Java, utilizes OpenCV and running Lua scripts is supported by a service. It is planned to make AnkuLua more robust and stable as the next steps.

The app on Google Play: AnkuLua

Here you can get more information.

AnkuLua: Game automation – SikuliX-like scripting on Android